CACI – E.C.M. Cellulite Treatment

*** Designed specifically for Thighs and Buttocks area ***

£40 per treatment or

Course of 10 for £320 (2 free) or a course of 15 for £480 (3 free).

Using a unique roller system we can combine the therapeutic benefits of massage, with the toning effects of Micro-current. Designed specifically to treat sagging skin and fatty deposits on the leg and buttocks area you will feel an instant improvement in muscle tone and skin texture. By stimulating circulation and aiding lymphatic drainage we can help improve the appearance of cellulite, while the Micro-Current helps to lift and tone the muscles. A course of 10-15 treatments are recommended for maximum results.

Oxyjet Cellulite Treatment

*** Dissolve cellulite and smooth thighs with Oxyjet’s Holistic Fat Burning treatment ***

£60per treatment or

£55per treatment for course of 5. Pay after each treatment – deposit held.

Developed by Nora Bode Kosmetik in Germany, this is a very effective treatment.

Cellulite is a complex issue related to diet and hormones. Hormonal changes in our bodies encourage abnormal storage of fat and water within the skin tissue, known as cellulite. Traditional lotions and potions that promise to reduce cellulite simply cannot penetrate the layers of the skin to break it down.

By using a technique called Oxypuncture, Bode Oxyjet’s Anti-Cellulite Treatment pumps the deepest layers of the skin directly with an elixir of fat burning oxygen, highly-active Anti-Cellulite Treatment Oil and Anti Cellulite Spray. When the oxygen and ingredients hit the cellulite stores, the circulation is immediately stimulated. Fat is broken down and the lymphatic system kicks in, expelling waste and diminishing cellulite. As the ingredients dissolve the fat cells, you will be left to relax in a plastic wrap that will maximise the effects of the pressure injected ingredients, leaving the skin toned and firmed.

The Ingredients

Oxyjet’s Anti-Cellulite Spray consists of Caffeine, Ruscogenin & Niacin. Caffeine and Ruscogenin have a synergetic effect providing your cells with the energy needed to break down the fat and tightening and lifting tissue at the same time. Niacin increases blood circulation in the treated areas and allows ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment Oil is a special blend of Camphor, Menthol, Lemongrass oil & Bladderwrack Extract. Camphor and Menthol stimulate the metabolism while the Lemongrass increases circulation. Bladderwrack is the key ingredient in the oil as it metabolises the fat cells.

The Anti-Cellulite Lotion contains Kigeline, Essential Lipids & Vitamins A & E. Scientific studies have proven that Kigeline, extracted from a rare African pumpkin, strengthens and firms the skin, restoring elasticity. In addition to this, Vitamins A & E promote the growth of new cells and increase blood circulation to connective tissues while essential lipids leave skin super smooth.

What Happens?

Your skin is cleansed from waist to toe with Foaming Oxygen Cleanser, and then deeply exfoliated with Oxyjet Gentle Peeling Cream. Areas of stubborn cellulite are tackled with the Oxycrystal Microdermabrasion with oxygen, a system of pressurised crystals blasting the skin to remove all dead cells. This prepares the skin to receive oxygen and the active anti-cellulite ingredients.

Bode Oxygenating Anti-Cellulite Spray is applied to the areas of cellulite followed by the Anti-Cellulite Treatment Oil. Using the Oxypuncture technique oxygen pumps the Spray and Oil to the cellulite stores where they begin to break down the fat. Anti-Cellulite Treatment Oil is massaged into the rest of the skin, again from toe to waist, and you are wrapped in a Boosting Body Wrap and left to relax for 30 minutes. The body wrap helps to tighten and firm the skin, stimulating the lymphatic system so that waste from the cellulite stores is forced out and can be flushed away.

Whilst in the wrap, as a no cost option you can if you wish to inhale deeply on the Bode Oxygen Aromatherapy Mask – by breathing with oxygen and Grapefruit essential oil you will leave the salon feeling uplifted. The grapefruit, which is a known diuretic, will help your body digest fats and expel retained water.

Finally the Boosting Body Wrap is removed and Bode Anti-Cellulite Firming Lotion is massaged into the skin.

Back at home you can maximise the results of the treatment by applying the Oxyjet Body Slim Cream (£72.50 for 100ml) & Oxyjet Body Slim Treatment (£82.80 for 150ml) after every shower or bath.

Five treatments on a once or twice a week basis will achieve results. After this a monthly maintenance treatment will prevent cellulite stores building up again.