Skin Rejuvenation

IPL based SkinTreatments with Lynton Duetto:

IPL Skin Rejuvenation:

The Lynton Duetto offers an excellent solution to visible signs of aging by inducing the healing procss of the skin and promoting fibroblasts. It also restructures collagen and elastin treating enlarged pores, dull rough skin, visible blood vessels, pigmentation and lines & wrinkles.

Recommended for the over 30’s a course of six treatments are required at an interval of 2-4 weeks. You pay after each session, with no upfront course payment.

Each treatment covers the whole face or can be further extended to also cover the neck and décolleté & hands and results are predominantly visible several weeks after the treatment is complete. Treatment includes cleanse, tone, skin peel, IPL light therapy and an aloe vera finish.

IPL Acne Reduction:

Acne can be effectively treated with the Lynton Duetto by reducing the number and severity of active lesions, lessening the inflammation and frequency of breakouts.

IPL Pigmentation, Vascular Lesion, Spider Veins, Age Spots, Rosacea Removal:

Pigmented Lesions & Age Spots and Vascular Lesions & Rosacea can be successfully treated with the Lynton Duetto. These treatments are non-invasive and will result in a more even skin tone.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Prices

SKIN REJUVENATIONApprox Treatment Time
Single Treatment CostCourse of 6 Full Price20% off course of 6 sessions*
Half Face 30 mins£135£810£648
Full Face 45 mins £175£1,050£840
Full Face and Neck 60 mins£200£1,200£960
Full Face Neck and Chest 75 mins£250£1,500£1,200
Neck Only 30 mins£125£750£600
Chest only 45 mins£150£900£720
Hands 30 mins£100£600£480
Single Treatment CostCourse of 3 Full Price15% off course of 3 sessions*
Single Lesion 30 mins£75 £225£195
Cheeks 30 mins £100£300£255
Cheeks and Nose 45 mins£150£450£380
Half Face 45 mins £180£540£460
Full Face 60 mins£200£600£510
Full Face and Neck 75 mins £250£750£640
Full Face Neck and Chest 90 mins£300£900£765
Chest only 45 mins£180£540£460
Hands 30 mins£150£450£380
ACNE TREATMENTApprox Treatment Time
Single Treatment CostCourse of 6 Full Price 20% off course of 6 sessions*
Half Face 30 mins £95£570£456
Full Face 45 mins £150£900£720
Shoulders 45 mins £150£900£720
Chest 45 mins£150£900£720
Full Back 60 mins £250£1,500£1,200

Patch Test & Consultation:

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and offer a free of charge consultation. If you meet the criteria and you decide to proceed, a patch test costing £25 (redeemable on your 6th treatment) will be carried out prior to treatment.

Number and Frequency of Treatments Required:

For Laser Hair Removal, Five to Six non-facial area treatments and Six to Eight facial area treatments are normally recommended at a frequency of usually four weeks depending upon the area to be treated.

For IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment and IPL Acne Treatment a course of six treatments bi-weekly is recommended.

For Pigmentation, Age Spots, Rosacea, Spider Veins and Vascular Lesions a course six treatments can be necessary although depending upon the intensity you may need more or less. Treatments are on a two to four weekly basis.